Arbroath Links / Letham Grange Golf Passes

At its May 2019 meeting, your Club Committee approved the proposal to introduce an Arbroath Golf Pass in conjunction Arbroath Links and under the ‘Carnoustie Country Golf Pass’ banner. The programme introduces three Golf Pass options: – Arbroath Links & Letham Grange Glens Arbroath Links & Letham Grange Old The Declaration Pass; Arbroath Links, Letham Grange Glens &

International / Country Membership

At it’s April 2019 meeting your Club Committee agreed to the proposal to introduce an International / Country Membership category. This new category is targeted at persons living more than 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Letham Grange. Members in this category will receive the same playing benefits as Glens or Full members, but will not have

Captain’s Drive-In 2019

On Saturday 15th April we held our annual Captain’s Drive-In. This is the start of the summer season. As a welcome addition this year our Captain, Malcolm Turner, was piped in by Bella Robb. So to the skirl of the pipes Captain Malcolm struck his drive far and sure down the first fairway of the

Winter Playing Rules 2018

Glens Course – Winter Rules 1stNovember 2018 through 31stMarch 2019 Mats must be used on all teeing areas. The ball must be played from the fixed mat on all teeing areas, or from a position no more than two club lengths directly behind the front of the fixed mat using a personal mat. Mats are

Mens Prizewinners 2018

The Men’s Prizegiving was held on Saturday 20th October following the annual match between the Blues and Greys: Michael Nelson was the Club Champion for 2018, and Dave Ruxton won the Marshall Quaich. The picture below shows Captain Malcolm Turner (centre) with Michael Nelson and runner-up Callum Thomson to his left and Marshall Quaich winner

Seniors’ Winter 2016-17 Eclectic Prizewinners

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 2017 Letham Grange Seniors celebrated the end of the winter season with a lunch and the prizegiving ceremony for the Winter Eclectic. Photograph of prize-winners attached. From left to right George Anderson, Doug Greenhill, Ron Walker, David Whyte The winners were: Scratch Salver – Doug Greenhill Cowlbeck Quaich for Best 5 Scores – George Anderson