The Club

Letham Grange Golf Club History

In 1976 a young Angus farmer stood outside a derelict mansion in the overgrown grounds of a woodland estate in Angus with the vision of developing a new golf course.  He could never have imagined that within ten years he would be playing on what is arguably Scotland’s finest inland golf course that has earned itself the nickname ‘Augusta of the North’.

The Letham Grange Old course was designed by Donald Steel, and opened by the legendary Sir Henry Cotton in 1987.  At 6,968 yards off the Tiger Tees, the course is arguably the longest inland course in the north east of Scotland.  In 1992 a shorter course, The Glens (5,528 yards) was opened.

The Letham Grange Hotel & Golf Resort closed in early 2011 following an unresolved and lengthy dispute between a former owner and the liquidator.  However, the golf courses were reopened less than two months later under the management of Letham Grange Golf Club thanks to the impressive efforts of keen members who often worked on a voluntary basis at the Golf Desk and out on the Golf Course.

Past Captains

Letham Grange Golf Club has been operating as a fully functional golf club for over 30 years. During that period 17 men and 21 ladies have had the honour of leading their respective sections of the club.

Past Club Champions

Letham Grange has seen some pretty competitive Men’s Club Championships during its short 30-year history. Only nineteen men have won the title during that time with a number of multiple winners.

The Ladies Section has been equally competitive with only eight different winners from twenty-nine championships.


  • Men's Captains

    1986G K Smith
    1987R G Butchart
    1988N M Sharp
    W D Porter
    1990G S Lobban
    1991/92J A Rhind
    N C Jackson
    1995/96B D Robertson
    1997/98K A Bruce
    1999/2000D F Darnell
    2001/02R J Walker
    2003/4/5M Marshall
    2006/7N Burns
    2008A Pullar
    2009A Pullar
    2010N Jackson
    2011N Jackson
    2012/13G Arthur
    2013/14G Arthur
    2015/16M J Turner
    2017/18M J Turner
    2019/20M J Turner

    Men's Club Champions

    1986G S Rae
    1987D N Adamson
    1988G Butchart
    1989G S Rae
    1990R R Cargill
    1991D N Adamson
    1992D R Maxwell
    1993D R Maxwell
    1994C Stephen
    1995I Kirkham
    1996P Murphy
    1997A J Reid
    1998A Ianetta
    1999R J Walker
    2000L Salariya
    2001L Salariya
    2002I Reid
    2003I Reid
    2004L Salariya
    2005 L Salariya
    2006K Law
    2007K Law
    2008L Salariya
    2009K Law
    2010I Reid
    2011G Thomson
    2012M Lawrie
    2013D Maxwell
    2014J Goodrum
    2015J Goodrum
    2016J Goodrum
    2017J Goodrum
    2018M Nelson
    2019M Kubicki

    Ladies Captains

    1986/87J W Glen
    1988B P Vazana
    1989J M Ledson
    1990M I C Arthur
    1991S M Bryant
    1992H Dix
    1993A M Hunter
    1994/95C E Manz
    1996G Lawrence
    1997I J Cowan
    1998P Bruce
    1999/00E Laughlan
    2001J Nevill
    2002/03C Speed
    2004S Baxter
    2005L Inglis
    2006/07W Macgregor
    2008H Harbour
    2009S Jackson
    2010S Jackson
    2011H W M Kelly
    2012H W M Kelly
    2013S Youngson
    2015C E Manz
    2016C E Manz

    Ladies Club Champions

    1987J H Thomson
    1988A M Hunter
    1989F A Joss
    1990A M Hunter
    1991A M Hunter
    1992J Faris
    1993J Faris
    1994K Sutherland
    1995K Sutherland
    1996K Sutherland
    1997A Hay
    1998D Rawnsley
    1999A Hay
    2000A Hay
    2001D Rawnsley
    2002A Hay
    2003A Hay
    2004A Hay
    2005 D Rawnsley
    2006A Hay
    2010A Hay
    2011A Hay
    2012A Crabb
    2014A Crabb
    2015A Crabb
    2016A Crabb